14th July 2023
Get Ready for Battle: Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma - Riveting Second Edition Now Live!

Hello, fellow gamers and enthusiasts! We are beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of the newest gem in our webshop: the second edition of the riveting card battle game - "Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma", designed by the brilliant minds at NerdCore Medical. Set in the mystic world of Soma, the game presents a riveting […]

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18th April 2023
The Revamped FEMWiki: Your Ultimate Guide to Field Epidemiology

Exciting news for field epidemiology enthusiasts! The ultimate online resource, FEMWiki, is back and better than ever! Transmissible has breathed new life into the comprehensive Field Epidemiology Manual in Wiki format, and it's now available for you to explore and expand your knowledge in this crucial field. Originally crafted by the supervisors and scientific coordinators […]

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13th January 2023

In this game, the players face unusual infections with particularly resistant microorganisms (HRMO) in a nursing home. How do you detect an unusual number of BRMO infections, and what role does the resistance mechanism play? What measures are taken at the patient and institutional levels? And how do you discuss the different roles within the […]

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13th January 2023
Board Game Strengthens Antibiotic Awareness

Knowledge about antibiotic resistance and infection prevention is essential in the fight against ABR. So get started with infection prevention in different scenarios! The games Resistance and SO BRMO are specially made for this. It is a fun way of learning, and the increased knowledge improves insight into specific antibiotic resistance challenges. Resistance In this […]

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14th December 2022
FluFighters™ at University College London

We took the train from Houten (NL) to London (UK) to play FluFighters™ with the Global Digital Health students at UCL. This Outbreak Learning Game lets students step into the shoes of epidemic responders at different levels. The scenario is set in the Netherlands, though the narrative was translated into English. The story starts with […]

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3rd November 2022
Can you count to 386…?

That’s how many multidisciplinary experts we have from 112 countries & territories on the @Nature global #COVIDconsensus which I am proud to announce that I am a part of. This paper focuses on how to end the #COVID19 pandemic as a public health threat, and officially launched TODAY at! Specific actions are required to […]

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2nd November 2022
Transmissible Director co-authors  COVID-19 vaccine safety study

Arnold Bosman, M.D., participated in the observational study published in Frontiers in Public Health showing low rates of reported severe adverse events after immunization

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24th October 2022
Selangor Public Health Advisory Council Visit

Transmissible hosted the Selangor Public Health Advisory Council Visit on Friday, 14 October 2022, at our office in Houten.

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21st October 2022
Step into my Shoes- An Exciting Simulation Game

Arnold Bosman moderated the Pandemos game 'Step into my shoes at the European Health Forum Conference in Gastein, 2022. MSD and ESIP organised the session. "This was indeed a very interesting game!" (Dimitra Pantelli, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies)

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24th June 2022
Health Managers and Gaming: Stakeholders put Spotlight on Ecosystem

At the European Health Managers Association (EHMA) Conference in Brussels, it was all about Health Managers and Gaming. Commissioned by MSD / Sanofi, Transmissible supported Pandemos to moderate a Vaccination Stakeholder Engagement Game at the EHMA Conference in Brussels. Pandemos developed the Vaccination Ecosystem game to engage stakeholders in an interactive debate about the European […]

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10th May 2022
Webinar on field epidemiology

Ashis Brahma hosts a weekly webinar on the topic "Good care in healthcare and public health". Recently, he interviewed Arnold Bosman of Transmissible on the topics of Field Epidemiology, Trans-Disciplinary work, and Creativity. View this, and more interviews on Ashis and Arnold speak Dutch (so, be warned)

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8th April 2022
New Field Epidemiology Competencies - the ultimate guide

ECDC publishes revised Epidemiology Competencies. On April 8, 2022, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) published the revised  Competency Framework for Public Health Epidemiology. Transmissible participated in this revision process. The Association of Schools for Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) led the revision process. Lastly, based on this work, ECDC […]

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3rd November 2021
Pandemic? Vaccines are not enough

The COVID19 pandemic is still with us after 22 months. And globally, there is no sign of stopping. The World Health Organization provides expert guidance to all countries on the best-known response to this public health threat. Still, we see large variations in national approaches. In The Netherlands, for example, the government has put most […]

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13th September 2021
URGE - but still, they come....

We designed the learning game URGE with Grumpy Owl Games as a multidisciplinary public health challenge in three rounds. The game is produced and distributed by Pandemos - the public health gaming company. URGE forces specialists out of their professional silos to team up against the greatest challenge of their careers. The team must race […]

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1st March 2021
EPIET Anniversary Interviews

In September 2020, it was 25 years since the EPIET programme began. To mark this anniversary, Transmissible in support with the Epiet Alumni Network has collected a number of video testimonies with alumni and former scientific coordinators from the programme. How are they reflecting back on their EPIET and EUPHEM Fellowships? What lessons do they want to share with current and future fellows?

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12th September 2019
ECDC Report: STI Control Strategies

On 4 September 2019, ECDC published the report "Developing a national strategy for the prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections". The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) commissioned this contract through contract ECD.8353, coordinated by Otilia Mardh and Andrew J Amato-Gauci, and produced by Transmissible B.V., represented by Arnold Bosman, Marita van […]

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11th September 2019
Simulation Exercise Flu

On 11 and 12 September 2019, we supported Trimension in coordinating a regional Simulation Exercise for severe seasonal influenza. The exercise was held in the east of the Netherlands and involved public health services, hospitals, general practitioners, crisis coordination teams, and other healthcare partners. The exercise aimed to test the preparedness and the functions at […]

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19th August 2019
Micro-learning for busy professionals

Professional life is demanding. At the technical expert level, you are faced with rapid new developments in your field. As an executive manager, you face demands and priorities 360 degrees around you. Even if you are motivated to learn, where will you find the time? Microlearning offers added value when learners are busy managing many […]

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9th May 2019
Our project on HIV Drug Resistance Surveillance

In 2017, Transmissible started a project for ECDC to pilot surveillance of HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) in 9 European countries. Marita van de Laar and Arnold Bosman worked with a team of experts from ECDC and 9 pilot countries to design, perform and analyse the pilot. The article reporting on the outcome of this pilot […]

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6th April 2019
Vaccine hesitant mother learned about value of vaccination. The hard way.

When we think about declining vaccination coverage, the first that probably comes to mind is the shouting match on social media between Antivaxxers and ProVaxxers. As often in life, the ones with the loudest mouths do not represent the majority voice. Antivaccination messages are scary, use false arguments and present falsehoods as facts. They frighten […]

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4th March 2019
International Epidemiological Association Regional Meeting - Beirut

The East Mediterranean Region of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) organised the 12th regional conference from 21-23 February 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon, in coordination with the Lebanese Epidemiological Association (LEA). Arnold participated as a speaker in the program.

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24th January 2019
Mass Game Event

the same room and got familiar with the roles in outbreak response. During the game, players step in the shoes of four local, national and international organisations and try to solve the problems they face.

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1st December 2018
World AIDS Day 2018

LET'S END IT End isolation End stigma End HIV transmission You’ve helped to fight HIV. Now, let’s end it. This World AIDS Day join the fight to end the negative impact of HIV. World AIDS Day is on December 1, each year. Let's all contribute in our own way. EDUCATE TO END IT Mark World AIDS […]

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26th November 2018
ESCAIDE 2018 Interactions

From 21-23 November 2018, the ECDC and network partners organised the annual European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology: ESCAIDE. This year, the conference was hosted by Malta, at the Hilton Hotel in St. Julian's. The program offered inspiring speakers with a range of perspectives on communicable disease prevention and control. The conference is […]

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10th October 2018
Games for Health 2018

On 1 and 2 October 2018, the 'Greep op Griep-team' joined the Games for Health Europe conference in Eindhoven. Grumpy Owl Games (formerly known as: Jade Owl Studios) and Transmissible designed and developed the educational game 'Influencing Influenza' (Greep op Griep) for the Utrecht University and presented their work at this international meeting. The Temporary […]

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21st September 2018
Outbreak Game in Action

On July 4th, 2018, we ran the second session of the educational outbreak response game 'FluFighters(tm)' at the Utrecht University. This time, the Julius Center coordinated a survey to assess the educational effect of the game. Students were requested to complete a questionnaire after playing the game. Results will be presented at the Games for […]

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21st September 2018
Unboxing our new Outbreak Game

Today the new design of our game 'Greep op Griep' arrived ! So the unboxing was exciting: the new design by Tim Schoonhoven looks superb, and the quality production by makes it look very good. The box comes with a sturdy quality foldable game board and two decks of cards: The Resources and the Information […]

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28th June 2018
Training the Communicable Disease Team

On 28 June we organised a table top training with the Regional Public Health Services 'Hollands Midden', in Leiden, the Netherlands. The Communicable Disease Control team engaged in a challenging scenario, dealing with a biosecurity breach in the region. The scenario unfolded real time, and had started the evening before, when the director of public […]

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22nd June 2018
Masterclass Digital Disaster Response

 On 21 June 2018, University College London (UCL) organised a Masterclass on Digital Disaster Response. Participants brought a rich and wide range of professional backgrounds, a majority of which in public health and disaster response. Dr. Patty Kostkova had convened the event, and invited Arnold Bosman from Transmissible (NL) and professor Carlos Castillo from Pompeu […]

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9th May 2018
Happy Schuman Day !

On the 9th of May 2018, we celebrate the European Union. On this day, it was 68 years ago that Robert Schuman, the Luxembourg-borne French foreign minister presented a declaration that would become one of the foundations of the European Union. Together with Jean Monnet, he would draw up the Schuman-Plan for a United Europe […]

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6th April 2017
Debating Trust in Vaccines

The Biovision Life Sciences Forum offers an interactive platform bringing together actors in research, innovation, partnerships and finance to debate existing and future health issues and how to address them. One of those topics is Trust in Vaccines: a Workshop on Thursday morning 6 April 2017, discussing three questions:   How to reach a better […]

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