Selangor Public Health Advisory Council Visit

Inspiring Selangor Public Health Advisory Council Visit

Transmissible hosted a Public Health Advisory Council Visit on Friday, 14 October, when a Malaysian State of Selangor delegation came to our office in Houten. The visit aimed to learn about Game-Based Learning (GBL) approaches in Public Health. Transmissible presented games we co-developed with Grumpy Owl Games for Pandemos to support clients such as IFRC, the WHO, MSD, Sanofi-Pasteur, and Universities. 

We discussed the value of volunteers in essential public health operations, such as outbreak response and surveillance. Game-Based Learning could be a helpful tool to complement the learning curriculum for volunteers. We also recognized that organizations often fall into the trap of developing learning games simply 'because it is fashionable, without a proper analysis of the target group's learning needs. Games are simply not the most suitable tool for many competency-based learning goals, such as knowledge transfer.

At the end of the visit, the delegation conveyed the compliments of the State of Selangor to Arnold Bosman through a transparently designed sign.

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