Learning to Learn.

Our philosophy on education.
Join us in exploring different types of competency
and how we go about stimulating them.
What Is This Video Series About?

Introduction to the Transmissible Approach to Learning

What Is Competency?
In the first video of this series we will define the idea of competency in learning. 

How is knowledge different from skill? How would you describe attitude as a competency? And what is the single aspect that shapes how one applies these competencies? 
Understanding Attitudes and Values
Now that we understand knowledge and skills, we will unpack attitudes and values.

What is attitude, and how does it affect how one does their work? How are these different from values? And how should we go about training such attributes?
How To Develop Attitudes and Values
In the final video of this series we will explore methods of training attitudes and values.

How do you shape such personal traits? What techniques have been proven exceptionally effective to do this? And how do we at Transmissible utilize these to develop unique tools to specifically help to achieve your learning goals?

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