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Transmissible offers innovative learning tools for public health professionals. Combining over 30 years of experience with boldly creative methods, to create uniquely effective training solutions that will stay with you.
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Why 'Creative' Learning?

To be truly effective in public health, you need to be more than just competent.

While making policy or responding to outbreaks, of course it is crucial to know the technical and that you are able to act.

In practice though, effectiveness also heavily relies on an understanding of people. Truly reaching and connecting with the people whose support you'll need, and those whom you are trying to help.

To understand people, you need to be aware of the attitudes and values of others as well as your own. So that you grasp where you both come from, where you stand, and how you could work to reach out to eachother.

Being aware of the difference in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values will be very useful in deciding where to put your training resources. "Which of these understandings do we aim to improve on?"

Join our short video-course about competence based learning, to learn about these concepts.

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"Bringing value messages in a different way" "Thank you for being such a reliable partner!"
Sibilia Quilici, 2020
Public Policy Director, MSD Vaccines
"Mr Bosman's performance was excellent. His ability to translate theory into solutions for real life situations was highly appreciated"
Dr Gabrielle Riedner, 2018
WHO Representative, Lebanon
"great collaboration during the HIV drug resistance pilot project"
Eeva Broberg, 2019
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

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