Board Game Strengthens Antibiotic Awareness

Knowledge about antibiotic resistance and infection prevention is essential in the fight against ABR. So get started with infection prevention in different scenarios! The games Resistance and SO BRMO are specially made for this. It is a fun way of learning, and the increased knowledge improves insight into specific antibiotic resistance challenges.


In this board game, a team of healthcare professionals (the players) takes on highly resistant micro-organisms (HRMO). The game takes place in a ward in a nursing home. Several consecutive infections have been discovered in this department. Is there an epidemic? How does HRMO spread? What actions should be taken to stop the spread? The players work together to answer these questions. This is done in three stages:

The first discovery of infections caused by HRMOs.
Research into the transmission route of HRMOs.
They are reporting an unusual number of infections, who are reporting what?
The game master manages the game. The players analyze and discuss the situation in each phase from their role in the department. National protocols, department protocols, medical devices and the division of a department are discussed. The rounding-off takes place based on a point count of the number of infections that can be traced. Whoever can explain the most infections wins. Do you manage to explain most of the infections, or will the HRMOs continue to spread? Watch the explainer video of the game.

Information about the game:

Game time 30 min.
Game Guidance: Yes
Number of players 6-8
Players: healthcare professionals working in nursing homes, small-scale living and institutions for people with an intellectual disability.

The game is currently available in Dutch and can be ordered via the webshop.

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