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Transmissible provides experienced teachers, trainers, or facilitators for courses in disease prevention & control, workshops, or E-course moderators. Partners are part of an international network of experts in disease prevention & control, covering core functions of event detection, threat assessment, threat management, risk communication, crisis evaluation, public health preparedness & training, and public health policy. Training is organized in English or Dutch and if so requested, Transmissible will identify expert trainers in the network who will be able to provide the training in another European language.
Examples of the courses and training we developed:

Chemical- Biological Deliberate Events Awareness Course

For the WHO, we developed a 5-module course on raising awareness around CBDE. The entire course is freely accessible at the OpenWHO website

Preparedness and Response for Zoonotic Outbreaks

One-Health is a concept of growing importance in the past decades. Public Health professionals understand more and more that communicable disease crises emerge out of developments in different sectors, not just the health sector. Three out of four emerging infectious diseases have an animal origin.
The WHO has developed a Preparedness and Response framework for outbreaks of zoonotic orgigin: RePrep. Transmissible led the Rosseta consortium project team to develop an e-Course and a 3-day workshop for countries worldwide.

FluTool Plus

Flutool Plus is the WHO Tool, designed to help lower- and middle-income countries in the process of costing of Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Programs. The aim of this course is to promote the dissemination and use of Flutool Plus. The course is meant for national program managers, who are responsible for mobilizing resources to set up sustainable immunisation programs for seasonal influenza.
Transmissible led the Rosseta Consortium team to develop and produce this course for the WHO. It can be freely accessed at the OpenWHO platform.

Estimating the Burden of Seasonal Influenza

Seasonal influenza causes significant burden to society annually. This includes burden of disease, as well as economic burden. Few countries generate reliable national data on the burden of disease, or on the economic impact of seasonal influenza. This course has two tracks. Each track is based on one of these WHO manuals:

 - Estimating the Disease Burden associated with Seasonal Influenza
 - Estimating Economic Impact of Seasonal Influenza

The WHO course that we produced is a stand-alone, self-paced online course. Check out the OpenWHO website for more information.
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