Virus Classification Flowchart Poster

Virus Classification Flowchart Poster


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"Viruses and Vaccines: A Basic Flowchart of Viral Families" is part of the Curative Design poster series, designed by Eleanor Lutz. This chart shows some of the most common human viruses and the symptoms they cause.

DNA viruses shown:

  • herpesviruses
  • poxviruses
  • parvovirus
  • adenoviruses
  • hepadnavirus
  • polyomaviruses
  • papillomaviruses

RNA viruses shown:

  • flaviviruses
  • reoviruses
  • paramyxoviruses
  • retroviruses
  • orthomyxoviruses
  • deltavirus
  • rhabdoviruses
  • filoviruses
  • arenaviruses
  • bunyaviruses
  • hepeviruses
  • caliciviruses
  • coronaviruses
  • picornaviruses
  • togaviruses

"Viruses are obligate, intracellular parasites that require a host cell for reproduction. They replicate by entering into a host cell and producing viral proteins that help replicate the viral genome. The new generation of virions exits the cell and spreads to new cells."

Icons mark various traits:

  • has a viral envelope
  • positive sense
  • negative sense
  • single-stranded
  • double-stranded
  • isocahedral capsid symmetry
  • helical capside symmetry
  • uncertain capsid symmetry
  • arbovirus
  • linear structure
  • circular structure
  • vaccine available

size: 18" x 24"

Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper.
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