The Disease-Detectives Boardgame

The Disease-Detectives Boardgame


The Disease Detectives are a boardgame of exploration, investigation, and some fierce scientific competition. You compete with up to 3 other public health researchers, to solve the problems of the outbreaks that occur. Each player has 3 detectives on the board. You race against time, as the press conference is coming closer, and you need answers. Collect evidence from lab, environmental research, and the outbreak hot zone. The longer you spend on research, the better your evidence is. But beware: the Spectre of the Pump haunts you, to block your detectives from successful investigation. Remember: when the Spectre is near, try to find the protection of John Snow's Ghost.



The rulebook, game board, and tokens for the Disease-Detectives Boardgame, as created by Florian Burckhardt and Esther Kissling, can be downloaded here. Description of the game can be found on the website. The game board, rulebook, and tokens for this game are under Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA.2.0, and may not be used for commercial purposes.

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