Transmissible Game now part of Curriculum

We have been working on this serious game in the background for the past 9 months. In November we organized the Beta-test, and last week the general rehearsal with all game-facilitators. The game has been developed by Transmissible and Jade Owl Studios, in an assignment from the Julius Centre at the University Medical Centre of Utrecht (NL).

In 5 rounds, of 25 minutes each, a group of 5-6 students will play through an evolving outbreak scenario. In each round, they will get to learn the role of one of the organizations involved in Dutch outbreak response. Meanwhile, the outbreak spreads further, and the team needs to collect the right information in their file, to inform their decisions for interventions.

As of February 6, 2018, the Transmissible Game(TM) 'Greep op griep' will be part of the curriculum for 3rd year Bachelor Medical students in Utrecht. Instead of a rulebook, we made a podcast to explain the rules of the game.

Influencing Flu - a Transmissible Game(TM) on Vimeo.

Transmissible and Jade Owl Studios will further study the impact of the game, while it is used by the first cohort of students in February 2018.



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